The Use of Printed Circuit Boards

First introduced in the 1850s and used to connect electronic components of appliances and other electrical devices, printed circuit boards have gained immense popularity in the technological industry. Even appliances and gadgets contain PCBs.

Printed circuit boards or PCBs are made from fiberglass or plastic embedded with copper wires. The base or body of the board is made with non conductive materials while the parts connecting the different electric components of the appliance or gadget is made using copper wires or other conductive materials. The components of PCBs are usually made by drilling holes throughout the board and soldering the components in place. The conductive components when linked together form a circuit, hence the name circuit boards. The term printed circuit board is derived from the stencil printing technique that was used back in the 1920s to make PCBs.

printed circuit boards The Use of Printed Circuit BoardsPCBs are found almost everywhere. From computers to cellphones, and other appliances and gadgets that require electric circuit to work. The PCB connects all of the parts and enables it to function as a whole. It also performs as a motherboard, as is the case in computers. In some cases it is used as a RAM (random access memory).

However, aside from using PCBs in appliances and gadgets, old and damaged PCBs can be recycled and transformed into different items for more creative purposes.

Printed circuit boards can be used to make recycled necklaces. The circuit board is actually an excellent material in making durable and unique necklace pendants. The circuit boards can be cut or molded into different shapes such as stars, squares, triangles and other objects. The, a hole is drilled onto the top of the pendant. A jewelry wire or cord is inserted. The PCB necklace can now be worn as an accessory.

It can also be recycled into faux gem stones. The color and texture of the circuit boards resemble some precious stones such as jade and opal. The circuit board is cut into tiny pieces resembling gem stones and used as pendants or decorations for charm bracelets, link bracelets, earrings and rings. This is actually a great gift or recycling idea for engineers and technicians.

For DIY lovers and crafters, the circuit board is used in making clocks. The surface of the PCB is great for making interesting and unique clock faces. By using clock making kit found in craft stores, the PCB can be transformed from an electronic component into an essential home décor.

For people with a preference for eclectic designs, old circuit boards are perfect home decorations or art pieces. It can be used as a wall tile or in making interesting mosaic pieces. In some cases, it is used in mixed media art.

PCBs can also be used to make beaded curtains. With the right tool and materials, the circuit boards are cut and molded into tiny beads strung together to make curtains. This recycled product is great for techno-inspired homes, offices and galleries. You can view more PCBs product on

It is also used in making more practical items such as coasters and boxes. In making coasters out of PCBs, the base is cut into coaster sizes. Felt is glued to the bottom of the coaster to prevent scratching table surfaces. As for boxes, the circuit boards are assembled together to make unique boxes that are great for storing items and trinkets. It can also be used as gift boxes.

Printed circuit boards can be used not just for technological purposes but it can be recycled into fashionable or essential home items. It’s multi purpose, durable and affordable. In the long run, it is highly possible that other use for the circuit boards will be discovered.